Un article de plus pour discuter des modalités d’utilisation des médicaments, entre les considérations vétérinaires et les considérations administratives. Cet article qui étudie la stabilité du carprofene montre qu’il est nécessaire de s’assurer que les produits utilisés sont d’une qualité suffisante, mais aussi que les exigences des autorités de respect des péremptions à 28 jours sont parfois excessives !

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Xu JJ, Renner DM, Lester PA. Strength and Sterility of Stock and Diluted Carprofen Over Time. JAALAS 2021. https://doi.org/10.30802/AALAS-JAALAS-20-000102.
Carprofen, a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug, is a commonly used analgesic for laboratory animals. The manufacturer labeling indicates the stock bottle may be stored and used for up to 28 d under refrigeration. However, institutional guidelines may vary in how long diluted carprofen solutions can be stored before they must be discarded. When administered to laboratory rodents, small volumes of the stock solution are diluted to provide accurate dosing and ease of administration. Because carprofen is formulated for use in companion animals (for example, dogs) and comes in larger volume multidose vials, the majority of carprofen at our institution is discarded before it can be used. In this study, we evaluated the amount of target ingredient present (strength), sterility, and endotoxin levels of both stock and diluted carprofen when stored in a variety of containers and at multiple temperature settings for up to 180 d, mimicking facets of typical use in laboratory animal research and medicine. We demonstrated that when refrigerated and stored in sterile vials, stock and diluted carprofen can be kept and used for up to 180 d while retaining strength and sterility. For short-term use, diluted carprofen can also be stored for up to 60 d at room temperature in conical tubes. These results will help establish scientifically justified storage conditions for carprofen to ensure that these agents remain appropriately potent and sterile for therapeutic use in laboratory animals.